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In Sweden a carpenter should be able to build a house from concrete slab to finish product after finishing their education. We can therefore cover a broad spectrum of building products such as:

Patios, pergolas, verandas, carports, timber decking, timber lining, timber flooring, cabanas, screens, balustrade, fencing and gates.
Our services also include “second fix” such as hanging doors, instalment of skirting boards and architraves, kitchen installs.
We also do small extensions, renovations and restoration.
Landscaping, including retaining walls and paving is something we can organise as well.

Specialised field

Most buildings in Sweden are old timber buildings sometimes several of hundreds years old therefore restoring old timber verandas and timber work on the period homes around Perth is something we are very used to and enjoy doing.
Please visit the galleries to view our extensive range of completed projects and designs.